Clarence Clemons: dead at 69

According to a source close to the big man, legendary saxophonist with the E Street Band and many other projects, has died at the age of 69.

He had suffered a stroke in recent weeks and was reported as recovering.

It's impossible to sum up a substantive career like Clemons' with a few words or videos, but here's a selection that sums up the man.

Playing the US National Anthem only two and a half months ago:

Performing on the 2011 American Idol with Lady Gaga:

A 1980s appearance on the Letterman show:

1980s solo hit in conjunction with Jackson Browne:

Bruce Springsteen introduces Clemons on London Leg of a recent tour:

The E-Street Band in full flight in Barcelona:

We’d love to hear about your own favourite memories, so start sharing. Also, check out the brilliant tribute over at Backstreets.

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